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Sharing our our love of photography as stunning gallery style artwork: Brisbane Online Art

LP Commercial Photography - Artwork

When you are a photographer, you don’t put the camera down at the end of the working day, it travels with you everywhere you go.

For the first time, we are opening the doors to a huge & ever growing catalogue of our personal work. The images we take when we are not working but simply wanting to capture the world around us in all its glory.

From Landscapes to street scenes, macro images to global travel photography, these are the photographs that we put our heart & soul into, & until now, have not been available to the public. Now you can share our passion & our love of photography as stunning gallery style artwork, printed & constructed in Australia, on acrylic glass, canvas, framed fine art prints, posters or wood prints.

We will be sending out regular updates as we release more images from our combined back catalogue as well as all new work. Our current images are all here: 

We also want to be inspired by you so if you are looking for a particular style of scene or image let us know by contacting us here: EMAIL

Fully customised commissions for specific artwork, especially for you, is possible. 

Anyway Em will explain below where to go and what to do if you want to discover more...

Brisbane Photography Art - Online Photographic Artwork