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Commercial Photography for marketing & advertising across multiple industries & disciples 

Portrait Photography | Commercial Portraits | Event Photography | Food & Drink Photography | Architecture Photography | Product Photography | Social Marketing

LP Commercial Photography: Brisbane Commercial Photography

We understand that simply creating stunning imagery for your business isn’t enough, the best imagery in the world is useless unless it also encapsulates your brand identity & core values. And that is where we believe LP Commercial Photography are different from so many other commercial photographers.

We provide high quality & creative image led solutions through commercial photography & a 5 star customer service experience across Australia through our network of dedicated photography specialists. With over 35+ years of combined experience, owners & lead photographers Andy & Em guarantee a professional service & a fun experience for all their clients. 

We provide world class commercial photography that encapsulates brand identity & core values for marketing & advertising across multiple industries & disciples including:

  • Web & social media marketing
  • Lifestyle marketing
  • Media and editorial distribution
  • Event coverage
  • Branding
  • Commercial portraiture

As well as being expert photographers, our two founding partners, Andy & Em, have first hand experience as brand guardians bringing a greater understanding of brand needs to our client work. We believe our background in design and marketing-communications coupled with our skills as photographers makes us the ideal choice for any brand conscious organisation seeking imagery, and our clients agree…

Some of the amazing brands we've worked with include:

LP Commercial: Brisbane Commercial Photography

How can LP Commercial help you?

What’s the most attention grabbing thing when someone searches for you, your company or your product?  IMAGERY

This is the first contact many people will have with you. Simply having well taken imagery is not enough. At a glance, those images must also communicate and uphold your brand identity and core values. In a crowded marketplace identifying photographers who can achieve both stunning images and effectively communicate brand values is critical.

Get it wrong and best case scenario is you will need to spend more money on more imagery, worst case scenario is the imagery could alienate your consumers and clientele and have a real negative effect on your bottom line. Too often, people buy purely on cost then find that the cheapest option only ends up costing far more in the long run. 

LP Commercial Photography has social marketing packages as well as monthly business subscriptions available for businesses/companies to ensure their imagery and social video aligns with their brand identity and core values. 

Contact us to work together to create imagery worthy of your brand.



Check out some of our behind the scenes fun with our clients Below:


Who are we?

Based in Brisbane, LP Commercial Photography work across Australia & have a network of photographers around the country. This enables you to work with a single company on multi location events & campaigns, ensuring both a consistent style & quality of photography is upheld. Working with LP Commercial reduces the complications of dealing with multiple suppliers & takes the stress off the client. One business for all your photography needs!

Emily Clarke

Emily has been passionately involved in the photography and graphic design industry for the past decade. She is an enthusiastic creative with a Bachelor of New Media Arts, double major in Digital Media Design and Digital Imaging under her belt. During this time, Emily has been awarded with the Young Achiever Award, Best Marketing and Public Relations Campaign, judged a number of photography competitions and won many photography awards. 

She is a respected graphic designer in her own right with a wealth of experience working within local government, internally for companies such as Rio Tinto and Glencore and in the private sector.

Andrew Jarvie

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and skills from his diverse careers over the last 30 years. Starting out as a photo-journalist he has held roles as a head press officer for a large UK Government agency, been the first head PR for Maxxium UK premium alcohol, been the Associate Director of Harrison Cowley and later launched his own freelance photography business utilising all of these skills.

Andrew has been awarded nationally and internationally for his work. During his career Andrew has worked with major brands including Land Rover, William Grant and Sons (Glenfiddich), the UK National Lottery and many more. 

we love what we do... 

Our purpose:

To illustrate the power of imagery, people & brand stories, involving our clients in our passion for what we do while earning a living with flexibility and security.

Our mission

To provide high quality & creative image led solutions and a personalised 5 star customer service experience.

Our vision

LP Commercial will grow into a successful global image solutions business. We will continue to grow as photographers, always learn, never lose sight of our passion, enjoy the creation process, have a world-wide client base, create imagery that we are proud of while adding value and enjoyment to our working life and for our clients. We will inspire others with our work and methodology, through the knowledge we share in workshops and through our passion for the industry. We will be recognised internationally as leaders.  We will live a life of financial freedom doing something we love.



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Come behind the scenes with Andy & Em and learn about everything photography! We take you on professional photoshoots with our clients, show you what it's like to run a professional photography business, how we photograph, our lighting, equipment and post production processes.

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