An Authentic Italian Experience: Brisbane Food Photography

Who loves Italian!?

I'm a hugeeee lover of authentic food and unique food experiences and had the opportunity to experience Prova Pizzeria in Stafford recently for an amazing feast! A big thanks to Cat & Joe for looking after Corey and I with a beautiful tapas entree, two pizzas for our main, red wine and of course finishing with nutella doughnuts surrounded by a pizza base bowl! TO DIE FOR!

I couldn't help but capture some of experience ❤ 

I must try in Brisbane for a beautiful authentic Italian experience with a range of items on the menu. Thanks Cat & Jo for having us, we loved the hospitality, customer service and your added personal touch!

Em x 

Brisbane Food Photography

Commercial Branding in the Fitness Industry: Lifestyle Marketing Imagery for Movement Mecca

Monique took a risk and left her corporate job to pursue her dream... and Movement Mecca was born! 

Monique's idea stemmed from her own personal experience searching for active-wear online, realising that there was a gap in the marketplace for one online location to purchase quality Australian fitness wear.

So Monique acted on this opportunity and created an online destination for women's performance and lifestyle clothing and accessories by 100% Australian boutique brands, Movement Mecca!

After getting an insight into her brand, her values and getting to know Monique myself through our communications, I wanted to channel these fresh, fun and vibrant vibes through her personal marketing imagery. We chose locations that were full of colour, had a lifestyle and nature feel which coincided with the brands target market. See below for some of our lifestyle marketing imagery to represent Monique as the director and also the Movement Mecca brand in her marketing, website and online presence.

Em x

Brisbane Commercial Photography - People

Life Portraits is a top 5 QLD finalist at the 2018 Telstra Business Awards

It is with great honour that we announce that Life Portraits was named one of QLD's top 5 finalists in the Emerging & Energised category at the Telstra Business Award for 2018. Even though we didn't take out the big win, it was an unforgettable night for us and this recognition is an indicator that our hard work, passion and vision is paying off. This in-depth and thorough process of the Telstra Awards application has been an amazing learning experience for us and helped us refine our processes.

See our full gallery of the awards here. 

We want to take this moment to thank YOU, our clients, for your support during this journey, without you, there would be no Life Portraits.

We were so overwhelmed by your support on your testimonials that we wanted to share with you part of our submission for the awards. We were asked to provide a video showing how we are unique to our customer, so we asked..... and this is what you all said!

Our Story
Our business success rests on a solid tripod consisting of 3 brands;

Each leg stands alone in it’s own right, but together they support our future growth.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, creative imagery; in teaching the best photography practices and mentoring those new to the industry; and above all, delivering fun, personalised and memorable client experiences.

Being a finalist in these awards is momentous to us and is recognition of our hard work, dedication and passion for the photography industry.

Andy & Em 

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Brisbane Commercial Photography

Showcasing your Business Services Through Professional Commercial Imagery: Shique Beauty

Ask yourself, what’s the most attention grabbing thing when someone searches for you, your company or your product? Imagery!

Your imagery reflects your brand. As a service provider, photographs of you working in your field is vital in portraying your personal brand or creating a personal connection with potential future clients. 

Under the LP Commercial Photography brand, I captured some commercial branding imagery for the lovely team at Shique Beauty to capture their services, their personalised service and their friendly and 5 star customer service. Such a lovely, open and glowing group of ladies who are amazing at what they do - hair, make-up and beauty services. 

The imagery that reflects your brand is the first contact many people will have with you. Simply having well taken imagery is not enough. At a glance, those images must also communicate and uphold your brand identity and core values. In a crowded marketplace identifying photographers who can achieve both stunning images and effectively communicate brand values is critical.

Get it wrong and best case scenario is you will need to spend more money on more imagery, worst case scenario is the imagery could alienate your consumers and clientele and have a real negative effect on your bottom line. Too often, people buy purely on cost then find that the cheapest option only ends up costing far more in the long run.

My business partner, Andy and I are dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable working experience and collaboration of minds to create pride in the end result among all those involved in a commission.


Brisbane Commercial Photography
QLD Telstra Business Awards Finalist

The Beauty of Japan & the Suntory Alcohol Experience

From April 9-13 I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Japan to photograph for alcohol brand Suntory on their " The House of Suntory - The Nature and Spirit of Japan" media trip. The journey included experiences in Osaka, Kyoto, Yamazaki, Tokyo and the Southern Japanese Alps. I accompanied journalist James Atkinson to capture the stories of this journey to assist him in his articles as well as imagery for Suntory. 

Take a look behind the scenes of the culture, food and fun that we had on this amazing trip. A big thank you to Suntory for giving us this opportunity. 


Great to see the imagery from the Suntory Japan trip featuring in the media! Big thanks to James Atkinson for the great article. View the Good Food article HERE.

Em x 




Brisbane Commercial Photography: Brisbane Food & Drink Photography

We have joined Youtube... Behind the Scenes Vlogs, here we come!

A day if the life of a professional portrait and commercial photographer...... 

Come behind the scenes with Andy & Em, Brisbane portrait & commercial photographers, and learn about everything photography! We will take you on professional photoshoots with our commercial and portrait clients, show you what it's like to run a professional photography business, how we photograph, our lighting, equipment and post production processes.

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Sharing our our love of photography as stunning gallery style artwork: Brisbane Online Art

LP Commercial Photography - Artwork

When you are a photographer, you don’t put the camera down at the end of the working day, it travels with you everywhere you go.

For the first time, we are opening the doors to a huge & ever growing catalogue of our personal work. The images we take when we are not working but simply wanting to capture the world around us in all its glory.

From Landscapes to street scenes, macro images to global travel photography, these are the photographs that we put our heart & soul into, & until now, have not been available to the public. Now you can share our passion & our love of photography as stunning gallery style artwork, printed & constructed in Australia, on acrylic glass, canvas, framed fine art prints, posters or wood prints.

We will be sending out regular updates as we release more images from our combined back catalogue as well as all new work. Our current images are all here: 

We also want to be inspired by you so if you are looking for a particular style of scene or image let us know by contacting us here: EMAIL

Fully customised commissions for specific artwork, especially for you, is possible. 

Anyway Em will explain below where to go and what to do if you want to discover more...

Brisbane Photography Art - Online Photographic Artwork

Putting the right face forward.... the commercial portrait

The first impression most of your customers/clients/associates or possible future employers will get of you is in the form of a commercial portrait.... a photograph of you. 

It is so important to get this right.... not just a picture chosen at random or one where you think you look gorgeous, but one that truly reflects your brand, its identity, your ethics, your position and authority or your openess and approachability etc.

The commercial portrait is a mainstay of our business. Whether our clients want highly personalised, on location images or more clinically clean studio style images. 

To make things simple we tend to shoot at our clients offices allowing us to take a large number of client images with as little disruption to their working day. This can mean that you never really know your shooting space until you get there and sometimes that can mean adapting and carrying enough kit to enable you to get the results you need under almost any conditions.

So click below and come behind the scenes with us on a recent corporate portraiture shoot with our clients Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders.

Brisbane Commercial Photography - Commercial Portraits