Putting the right face forward.... the commercial portrait

The first impression most of your customers/clients/associates or possible future employers will get of you is in the form of a commercial portrait.... a photograph of you. 

It is so important to get this right.... not just a picture chosen at random or one where you think you look gorgeous, but one that truly reflects your brand, its identity, your ethics, your position and authority or your openess and approachability etc.

The commercial portrait is a mainstay of our business. Whether our clients want highly personalised, on location images or more clinically clean studio style images. 

To make things simple we tend to shoot at our clients offices allowing us to take a large number of client images with as little disruption to their working day. This can mean that you never really know your shooting space until you get there and sometimes that can mean adapting and carrying enough kit to enable you to get the results you need under almost any conditions.

So click below and come behind the scenes with us on a recent corporate portraiture shoot with our clients Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders.

Brisbane Commercial Photography - Commercial Portraits