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Creative & Communication Services

lp commercial photography have partnered with cross copywriting + creative to expand our services to all our valued clients, offering a single point of access to a wide range of professional creative & communication services.

Our Services

In addition to the world class commercial photography services our clients are already used to, we now deliver a wide range of additional services to assist with your branding & business needs.

Our collaboration means you now have access to an experienced, committed & passionate communication team to drive your communication strategy & to create strategic, relevant communication material for all your marketing channels.

We can now extend our services to include content packaged into easily dispensable bundles – words, pictures, videos – all ready for use.

  • Professionally written, relevant content that can be shared in company newsletters, on the company website & on LinkedIn

  • Photos & videos, ready to access when needed

  • Interesting, relevant, newsworthy articles for industry publications

  • Award entries professionally written & submitted on time

  • Up to date case studies & CVs, complete with consistent, current photos ready for use by the bid team

  • Professionally produced pieces of communication tailored to industry field days / expos / trade shows / conferences / awards ceremonies / publications

We can now help with any & all your communication requirements. Together, the co-operative can deliver a comprehensive strategic communication service.

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About the

Our professional team includes photographers, videographers, graphic designers & writers; all at the top of their respective fields. Our team of creative professionals are just that: Professional & Creative.

We can offer our clients a suite of professional communication services. This gives our clients peace of mind and a single point of access through one trusted supplier to a whole range of creative professionals who have been vetted extensively & proved their mettle.

Through our co-operative you now have access to professionally produced communication material that will ensure their business is seen in all the right places by all the right people at all the right times in all the right ways.

About CC+C

CC+C is a collaborative communications consultancy in Brisbane offering a professional creative service that includes writing, graphic design & photography.

Founded in early 2015, the team specialise in producing quality communication collateral & content for the construction & infrastructure sector. Whatever your needs, Cross Copywriting + Creative make it their business to understand your business strategy, goals & needs.