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Bastille Day Business Breakfast with the French Chamber of Commerce: Brisbane Event & Corporate Photography

Bastille Day Business Breakfast with the French Chamber of Commerce

Brief: Brisbane Event Photography

LP Commercial Photography was commissioned by the French Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry FACCI to photograph the annual Bastille Day Business Breakfast hosted at the Sofitel Brisbane Central with guest Speaker Pat Howard.

We successfully delivered a large gallery of images that was based off a formal brief from the client which was ticked off on the day to ensure all details were captured, including; the entry networking, details, sponsors posed and candid with attendees, room atmosphere, breakfast details, whole room documentation, speakers for the day and group photos. The two hour event was a great success an the images were delivered with a fast turn around by that afternoon.

See some of the highlights below of the great event.

Interested in your event being photographed? Feel free to email us on or contact us onour website.

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All your Commercial & Corporate Photography & Copywriting Services from One Business - RioTinto & Isaac Regional Council Advertising & Marketing Imagery


We’ve had a great response from our clients to our recent announcement of a new co-operative with Cross Copywriting + Creative . It’s a collaboration that means we can offer you an even more diverse set of professional creative skills across photography, design, content creation, copywriting and web. 

As well as being experienced professional photographers and videographers, we have first-hand experience as brand guardians, bringing a greater understanding of brand needs to our client work. 

Our co-operative with Cross Copywriting + Creative, coupled with our background in design and marketing-communications and our skills as photographers, makes us the ideal choice for any brand conscious organisation seeking strategic advice on internal and external communication campaigns.   

We love working with corporate clients, businesses, large companies and everyone in between to help their ideas come to life! We can help achieve the highest quality communication, marketing and advertising material. See some of our existing examples of work from the past below. 

Rio Tinto - Working on billboards, including co-ordinating and photographing all imagery and internal design.

Isaac Regional Council - Working on billboards, events, internal design

REAL Collaboration delivers REAL results for Fulton Hogan: Advertising & Marketing Campaign

Brisbane Commercial Advertising and Marketing Photography

Case Study: REAL Collaboration delivers REAL results for Clients Fulton Hogan


LP Commercial Photography collaborated with Cross Copywriting & Creative to plan and create marketing and advertising imagery for a new marketing campaign for Fulton Hogan featuring their core values - combining the message that diversity = strength with Fulton Hogan's core people values - the REAL values


The REAL people of Fulton Hogan campaign was centred around the message that there is strength in diversity, which should be celebrated in all its forms

The Client:

Fulton Hogan Construction is a leading, fully integrated civil construction and maintenance business that has been building, maintaining and connecting the Asia Pacific Region for over 80 years. One of their key people values is known as the REAL values, which stand for Respect, Energy & Effort, Attitude and Leadership. Fulton Hogan’s REAL values are promoted company wide.

The business identified diversity as a key driver of their business and asked Cross Copywriting and Creative to conceptualise and deliver an internal campaign that would to put diversity front and centre and LP Commercial to create the imagery to align with this vision.

CC+C and LP Commercial collaborated their skills to successfully complete the project. CC+C presented a strategically sound creative concept that not only resonated with staff, but also had potential for a recruitment drive, to attract REAL people. We created professional, emotive imagery with their staff on site portraying those REAL people. The concept combined the message that diversity = strength with Fulton Hogan's core people values - the REAL values.

The Collaboration - Words from the client

LP Commercial Photography partnered with CC+C to deliver the marketing and advertising images for the HR campaign for Fulton Hogan Construction – the REAL People of Fulton Hogan.

Testimonial words from our collaborative client Philippa (CC+C)

“CC+C tasked LP Commercial Photography to capture eye-catching images that would drive home the strategic message that there is strength in diversity, emotive photos that drives home the benefits and beauty of strength in difference.

LP Commercial Photography added value to the overall campaign from the moment they were approached, investing themselves in the outcome of the project.

They guided the client and CC+C on the process involved in shooting a large number of laypeople on a live construction site. They were cognisant of the workplace health and safety requirements, attending a site induction before commencing the shoot on the day.

Andrew and Emily planned the shoot to minimise the impact of their presence on site. They selected an area on the site that would serve to produce enough variety in the shots themselves without impacting on the site itself. They saw in an active construction site how a piece of discarded metal or a temporary retaining wall would translate into beauty in photos.

The resulting images surpassed the expectations of the client who has already been in touch about a second shoot for a Fulton Hogan branding campaign.

The images were used in block mounted A1 posters to display in all FH offices around Australia and NZ. Flyers and post cards were also produced.

The posters were unveiled at the National Launch of the Diversity Strategy in an event in Qld attended by FH directors and board members from around the country.

Not only is everyone at Fulton Hogan who sees them extraordinarily impressed, but the project became the first in many collaborative efforts between CC+C and LP Commercial Photography.”

The two businesses have since partnered frequently on a variety of other successful projects. The relationship allows each creative professional to focus entirely on what they do best, trusting each other to do the same. The end result is always greater than the sum of its parts: Excellent Words and Perfect Picture that surpass client expectations every time.

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Personalised Fitness Branding with F45 Mackay: Unique Content Creation for your business


Grabbing the attention  of NEW and existing customers in an instant!

The imagery you use to market yourself will often be the first contact your potential customers will have with you and your brand. Those potential customers will draw lasting conclusions about you and your services/products from those images and since first impressions are lasting impressions, getting that introduction right is critical.

But to be truly impactful, those images must communicate and uphold your brand identity and core values immediately and at first glance. In a crowded marketplace identifying photographers who can achieve both stunning images and effectively communicate brand values is critical. Moving from ‘stock photography’ imagery to personalised lifestyle and commercial imagery for your business is the first step to improving your business branding.

In addition, creating strong imagery that promotes your core values and is customised to your business also creates great social media content that your existing customers will be proud to associate themselves with and will in turn share to their communities, extending the reach of your online and offline marketing tactics.

We worked with the team at F45 Mackay creating personalised fitness lifestyle imagery communicating their brand identity, culture and fun environment.

Owners Lee & Kim wanted to capture their trainers, members and the atmosphere of their business with ‘real-life’ imagery. After taking the time to get to know the brand and it’s values we set up a series of “staged” images and worked in a documentary style during live training sessions to create a set of images unique to f45 Mackay and to Lee and Kim. These are now an integral part of their social media, website and off-line marketing. See their images below.

Brisbane Commercial & Corporate Photographers, LP Commercial Photography, provide high quality & creative image led solutions through commercial photography & a 5 star customer service experience across Australia through our network of dedicated photography specialists. With over 35+ years of combined experience, owners & lead photographers Andy & Em guarantee a professional service & a fun experience for all their clients. 

We provide world class commercial and corporate photography that encapsulates brand identity & core values as well as copywriting for marketing & advertising across multiple industries & disciples including:

  • Web & social media marketing

  • Lifestyle marketing

  • Media and editorial distribution

  • Event coverage

  • Branding

  • Commercial portraiture

As well as being expert photographers, our two founding partners, Andy & Em, have first hand experience as brand guardians bringing a greater understanding of brand needs to our client work. Our team also spans the areas of copywriting, PR, marketing and design which means we can help you with all your business marketing communication needs. We believe our background in design and marketing-communications coupled with our skills as photographers makes us the ideal choice for any brand conscious organisation seeking imagery, and our clients agree…

Let us help you create personalised imagery for your business. Contact us on, call 0415 562 045 or visit our website for more information on our services.


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Roma Airport Runway Resurfacing Project - Fulton Hogan: Time Lapse Video Project


Some jobs are just special right from the word go.  From the first conversation with the client you know it’s going to be epic.

Like when a client calls and says: “….so, this runway in a rural Queensland town is getting resurfaced over 30 days or so but all the work has to be done at night and every morning each night’s work has to seamlessly blend with the existing runway so that the airport can re-open and the runway can operate as per normal each day.

So every night we have to scrape off the top layer of a section, flatten it, seal all the cracks, resurface it, roll it smooth, re paint all line markings and then clear the area of all equipment and debris so the first plane of the day can land. Now we need a film that can capture every stage of the process, filmed at night and feature airport operations during the day and be around the 2 minute mark. What do you think….”

What do I think? I think that sounds epic.


Client: Cross Copywriting representing both Fulton Hogan and Maranoa Regional Council

Brief: Create an approx. 2 min film showing all aspects of the resurfacing work and the importance of the airport to the regional community.

End use: General marketing material and historical record.

Required:  Two trips out to the rural hub of Roma, three-night shifts and two-day shifts (the longest being 18 hours straight), two staff, nine separate cameras including three go pros, 280gb of B-roll footage and 21,000 still frames for time-lapse segments. 

Every job presents particular challenges to overcome. The Roma project was particularly interesting. Not only were there the “normal” safety issues of working around some seriously large plant and equipment in constant motion but also the added risks of working around them at night and the technical difficulties of filming and photographing fast moving objects in low light.  

During the day our set pieces were relaxed as were shown round the airport by airport manager Ben Stewart and his friendly team. Taking time to work out angles and stage our shots.

The night time job was a completely different story. The Fulton Hogan team were working to incredibly tight deadlines and it was made very politely and equally firmly clear from the start that nothing could be done to interrupt or hold up any work as everyone had a great big clock in their heads counting down the time to the first aircraft coming in to land in the morning…. An operational deadline that could not be held up for anyone.

The answer? Bring loads of cameras and set them up running all round the works area so that at any one time we are filming two or three b-roll pieces, having Go-pros rigged on vehicles capturing driver-eye views of the evening while another three cameras work on static and slider based time-lapse pieces… then throughout the night we run around breaking down and resetting everything for the next set of shots.

For us it was a non-stop, slightly manic job with little down time as the Fulton Hogan team professionally, systematically and efficiently smashed through their work.

But despite all the cameras and gear we had with us, our greatest asset for the job was simply the people we were working with. Namely Philippa Cross of Cross Copywriting whose agency was the central point of contact for managing and matching our work to the desires and needs of the two end clients, Fulton Hogan and Maranoa Regional Council, and of course the attitude of the men and women of the Fulton Hogan and Roma Airport teams. 

Yes they were extremely busy and under a great deal of pressure but every one of them was also as helpful as they could be. Ready to assist whenever we needed it and incredibly welcoming to the point that even though we were the interlopers dropping in and buzzing around like annoying mosquitos at a barbeque they instantly made us feel like an integral part of their team. Making a hectic job that much easier.

This job was amazing and memorable in so many ways. Being Brisbane based commercial photographers it’s good to get out and about in regional Queensland. Watching the way the FH team worked liked a well-oiled machine. The incredible logistical challenges of the job for everyone involved and the resulting piece of film that we achieved.

But for me the greatest memories that I take away from this job are the working relationships forged over the project and the wonderfully warm, cohesive team spirit that was shown across the board from everyone involved. Those more than anything else made this job simply epic.

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A Weekend Celebrating the Best in Australian Commercial Radio - Brisbane Event Photography

A Weekend Celebrating the Best in Australian Commercial Radio - Brisbane Event Photography

The Faces of Radio - Recap of the Australian Commercial Radio Awards Conference Radio Alive and the Commercial Radio Awards for 2018.