REAL Collaboration delivers REAL results for Fulton Hogan: Advertising & Marketing Campaign

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Case Study: REAL Collaboration delivers REAL results for Clients Fulton Hogan


LP Commercial Photography collaborated with Cross Copywriting & Creative to plan and create marketing and advertising imagery for a new marketing campaign for Fulton Hogan featuring their core values - combining the message that diversity = strength with Fulton Hogan's core people values - the REAL values


The REAL people of Fulton Hogan campaign was centred around the message that there is strength in diversity, which should be celebrated in all its forms

The Client:

Fulton Hogan Construction is a leading, fully integrated civil construction and maintenance business that has been building, maintaining and connecting the Asia Pacific Region for over 80 years. One of their key people values is known as the REAL values, which stand for Respect, Energy & Effort, Attitude and Leadership. Fulton Hogan’s REAL values are promoted company wide.

The business identified diversity as a key driver of their business and asked Cross Copywriting and Creative to conceptualise and deliver an internal campaign that would to put diversity front and centre and LP Commercial to create the imagery to align with this vision.

CC+C and LP Commercial collaborated their skills to successfully complete the project. CC+C presented a strategically sound creative concept that not only resonated with staff, but also had potential for a recruitment drive, to attract REAL people. We created professional, emotive imagery with their staff on site portraying those REAL people. The concept combined the message that diversity = strength with Fulton Hogan's core people values - the REAL values.

The Collaboration - Words from the client

LP Commercial Photography partnered with CC+C to deliver the marketing and advertising images for the HR campaign for Fulton Hogan Construction – the REAL People of Fulton Hogan.

Testimonial words from our collaborative client Philippa (CC+C)

“CC+C tasked LP Commercial Photography to capture eye-catching images that would drive home the strategic message that there is strength in diversity, emotive photos that drives home the benefits and beauty of strength in difference.

LP Commercial Photography added value to the overall campaign from the moment they were approached, investing themselves in the outcome of the project.

They guided the client and CC+C on the process involved in shooting a large number of laypeople on a live construction site. They were cognisant of the workplace health and safety requirements, attending a site induction before commencing the shoot on the day.

Andrew and Emily planned the shoot to minimise the impact of their presence on site. They selected an area on the site that would serve to produce enough variety in the shots themselves without impacting on the site itself. They saw in an active construction site how a piece of discarded metal or a temporary retaining wall would translate into beauty in photos.

The resulting images surpassed the expectations of the client who has already been in touch about a second shoot for a Fulton Hogan branding campaign.

The images were used in block mounted A1 posters to display in all FH offices around Australia and NZ. Flyers and post cards were also produced.

The posters were unveiled at the National Launch of the Diversity Strategy in an event in Qld attended by FH directors and board members from around the country.

Not only is everyone at Fulton Hogan who sees them extraordinarily impressed, but the project became the first in many collaborative efforts between CC+C and LP Commercial Photography.”

The two businesses have since partnered frequently on a variety of other successful projects. The relationship allows each creative professional to focus entirely on what they do best, trusting each other to do the same. The end result is always greater than the sum of its parts: Excellent Words and Perfect Picture that surpass client expectations every time.

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